Thursday, October 4, 2012

Upcoming Projects 2


Happy day...we're back in full swing starting from today...I'm feeling great and looking forward for a productive week ahead...I just finished a laptop pouch for my dear sister's birthday yesterday but I forgot to take some pictures of it...I really hope that she likes it...will upload when she gets back...anyhow here's a pic that resembles the pouch I was talking about.

This week I'm looking forward to finish some of our customer's request which includes our velcro baby bind, baby sleeping bag and a baby bed set for our cousin's are some of the examples of our upcoming projects...when they're done I'll put up the real pictures :)
Beautiful baby bed set for boys

Beautiful bed set for girls

baby sleeping bag - warm and cosy :)

So keep in touch and we will update our latest projects for you...have a fun and productive day ahead :)

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