Thursday, March 5, 2015

Zinc for health & beauty for love ♥

Zinc Complex for all!!
RM33.50/bottle with 120 tablets.

It's important to include zinc in ur diet beacuse:

◘ It helps to stabilize our blood sugar level
◘ Has been shown to keep depression at bay
◘ Supports a healthy sense of taste and smell
◘ Prevents a weak immune system
◘ Prevents hair loss
◘ Keeps your nail & hair strong & shining.
◘ Effectively removes toxic including lead & cadmium from body
◘ Helps produce natural collagen
◘ Heals injuries & allergies effectively 
◘ Helps with prostate problems
◘ Helps women during ovulation and recovery of uterus after delivery
◘ Increases sexual functions naturally

Recommended dosage:
• 1 tablet twice a day

Live life healthy, happy & rewarding
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