Thursday, February 7, 2013


MELILEA ORGANICS are back in stock...get your MELILEA Organic Soya Drink, Organic Henry Apple Orchard and Organic Powder at best prices!!!
Melilea Organic Soy Drink is also very good for babies 6 months and above...our kids were lactose intolerant when they were still babies, buying the soy based milk over the counters at pharmacies were a bit of a problem...they were too we searched for other alternatives and we found out MELILEA Organic Soy Drink was the best option that we had...we saved more than 50% of our monthly budget on their milk and our kids grew up well, happy and healthy :) syukur far non of us has had any side effects from taking it...
Here are some of our stock take just for your eyes only...x muat gambar nak buh semua :D no worries banyak stock!!!
For our CNY promotion:
Buy any products worth RM200 and above will get a MELILEA Shaker for FREE!!!
SMS/Whatsapp us via mobile at 6.019.3869195 or email us at or PM us on facebook

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