Monday, February 4, 2013

From our customers :)

It's been one whole month since we've last updated our blog...I mean really update our blog...Al-hamdulillah ujian datang father has undergone a bypass was a very memorable, exhausting n yet eye opening n humble month for all of us...Here we would like to thank you everyone who's been there for us from the start up 'til today n maybe in the future too...only Allah can repay all of your good deeds...insyaAllah
Coming up we have some pictures from our customers...just for your eyes only!!!
Baby naufal with barut baby velcro by Creative.Angels
Lil hero Naufal so comfy and happy with Creative.Angels' baby tummy bind :D
Baby Omar sleeping soundly with baby blanket and pillow set by Creative.Angels
Baby Omar sleeping and cuddled tightly with bedung baby by Creative.Angels
We will be updating more of our HOT ITEMS and NEW ITEMS too...very keep in touch, stay tuned and take care!!!
If you are interested with the items above, please do not hesitate to sms/whatsapp us via mobile at 6.019.3869195 or email us at

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