Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We're back with barut bayi and baby hollow pillow!!

Assalamualaikum, after a long absence we're back in full gear with new designs and products...insyaAllah
Here are our new updates...new BABY HOLLOW PILLOW for your new born...new born size 10x13 inches...made of Thai Cotton (front) and minky fabric (back)...filled with high quality "kekabu"...mommy lupa plak bahasa inggerisnya apa...heheheh   anyway, more new designs coming your way soon (^_^)...so stay tuned!!!
Baby Hollow Pillow - 10x13 inches
Next is our barut bayi a.k.a baby tummy bind...new 5 designs to choose from...all designs are selling fast so be quick!! Sizes are for new born BR01 and BR02 for babies 4kg and above (^_^)
Baby tummy bind

Pre -order is open for all items from 10th April 2013 until 28th April 2013 and delivery will be done on the 30th April 2013...
For more info please sms/whatsapp us via mobile at 019-3869195, or email us at enyxis@yahoo.com or find us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/angels.mommies

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