Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Neoprene Swim Jacket

Asalamualaikum and a pleasant day to everyone...
We are back with new items for your wonderful kids out there...here's the thing, all kids love to play in the water...but how can we help them and make sure they're safe while having fun in the water?? Here at Creative.Angels ..we have included a new item for you to help your kids have fun and play safe in the water. Less worries and more fun for the whole family...

Introducing the Neoprene Swim Jacket...it is a lightweight non-inflatable swimming accessory specially designed for your children to help promote confidence whilst learning to swim and make water play easier and more fun!! It is also fully adjustable to match your child's improving swimming ability.
Front and rear/back view of the jacket
It is made of a stay-warm material with sun protection (UPF 50+) will ensure your child's comfort during water play...it is also equipped with a safety zip stay flap on the rear/back of the jacket.
Inside view of the jacket
Inside view - the jacket comes with front and rear/back float blocks to ensure your child stays afloat during swimming or water play. The float blocks are fitted in secure pockets and they're easy to remove for cleaning.
-How ever please be informed that this is NOT A LIFE JACKET
- Although your child may float with the jacket, it is to be used under competent adult supervision at all times. 
-NEVER LEAVE CHILD UNATTENDED or play in or near any open bodies of water.
For more information on product or for ordering, please sms/whatsapp to our mobile 6.019.3869195 or email us at enyxis@yahoo.com. While Stock Lasts!!


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