Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hantaran perkahwinan

Whooooaaaaa it's been cloudy n wet for the past month...lengkap dengan banjir segala...hehehehe glamour sekejap bila sungai melimpah melebihi tahap bahaya masuk tv...kalu x no body knows RTB Bukit Changgang n Kuala Langat...heheheh syukur Al-hamdulillah everything's back to normal although we are still on stand by due to the constant downpour for the past couple of days...
The news that tore my heart apart when GAZA was being haunted n hunted again was really devastating n we sure do hope that our doa' will be heard and Allah will grant peace and love to all of our muslim families there...Al-fatihah
What ever is happening around us, we should not stop working, beribadat and doa to Allah...n we're back in business IN SHAA ALLAH...I'll be updating on the latest project for November 2012 make sure to stay tuned to Creative.Angels because we have lots more installed for all mommies n kiddos out there...
Here we have a sneak peak on the hantaran that we have done was for our beloved friend Ucu Wan Zamzulri who got married last Nov 4th, 2012...simple and exclusive looking...kata ucu  nya la kan...heheheheh
Hantaran perkahwinan Ucu Wan Zamzulri - theme colour was brown and bronze
Hantaran perkahwinan - brown and bronze

 Well that's about it for now...will be updating you soon...if you are interested with our crafts ideas do not hesitate to email us at or sms/whatsapp us on our mobile at 6.019.3869195...have fun n do not forget to pray for our muslim families out there...


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